Boiling Lake, Titou Gorge + Ti Kwen


Boiling Lake, Titou Gorge & Ti Kwen Glo Cho

Experience a trekking journey through the hills and valleys of Dominica’s untouched forests. Hike through thick rain forest up hills to elfin forests and into the other-worldly Valley of Desolation. Navigate through hot rocks and steaming pools of boiling mud. Cook eggs in thermal crevices and get a beauty mask from nature.

Experience the awe of one of the world’s largest boiling lakes. Immerse into warm sulphur pools carved by Mother Nature and take a refreshing swim up the emerald canyon of Titou Gorge. End off the day with a therapeutic dip at Ti Kwen Glo Cho’s hot pools.



6 – 10 Hours

Challenge level


What You Need

  • Hiking shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • Rain coat
  • Bath towel
  • Change of clothes
  • Litre of water per person (refills along the way)
  • Any necessary personal items

Physical Requirements
Boiling Lake, Titou Gorge and Ti Kwen Glo Cho

  • Fitness Level 70% 70%
  • Endurance 70% 70%




Pick up from Roseau at 7:00 am or meet at trail entrance in Laudat. (Or from your hotel on request) 



Hike dense forest through the Morne Trois Pitons National Park and experience otherworldly terrain at the Valley of Desolation- an alien like rock formation, known for its steam spewing vents, healing sulphur pools, eery rock and sulphur deposits. Be awed by one of Earth’s largest boiling lakes.

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On your way back, stop off at Titou Gorge for a quick swim up the emerald waters of a cozy canyon. Get a rewarding massage from Titou’s hidden waterfall. 

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Soothe your muscles in a therapeutic hot spring at Ti Kwen Glo Cho. Check out the mini zoo or simply browse through the cozy family garden. 


Drop Off

Drop off at Roseau. (Or at your hotel on request)  

Dominica’s Boiling Lake has been named one of Earth’s most amazing water bodies by BBC, and rightfully so. The Boiling Lake, the second largest in the world is a bubbling lake within one of Dominica’s volcanic craters. The lake bubbles from earth’s core and is just another manifestation of the tremendous volcanic activity that defines Dominica.

Boiling Lake is a truly unique experience with not only a hike through changing forests as the mountains incline, but a look into other worldly terrain at the Valley of Desolation. The valley is an alien-like rock formation of clay, grey and white rock, marked by calcium and sulphur deposits and inhabited by interesting wildlife.

Thermal springs border the Valley of Desolation- teal, clear and grey waters- and pool between rocks, beneath thick forest cover. The valley is a natural sauna, with offers a range of benefits to its visitors.

Natural thermal pools soothe muscles and calm spirits. Clean, untouched water from Breakfast River, creeps through rock crevices secreting cool water for bottle-refills, and sulphur mud makes the perfect face mask. The lake itself is too hot for swimming but is simply a wonder to view. Violent bubbles emanate from its grey expanse and alien rock hug the shoreline. Towering mountains, often blanketed by eerie mist, secure the crater and reach up to blue skies above.

Dominica’s Boiling Lake is definitely one of the most challenging hikes on island. An intense trek up hill and through steaming valleys awaits the adventurous traveller wishing to experience one of Earth’s wonders.

Titou Gorge

Translated to “little hole”, Titou Gorge is an enchanting swimming hole, nestled in the beautiful, mountain-top community of Laudat. The gorge is known for its refreshing emerald water, which flows calmly down Titou’s canyon from the mountain heights. Rock towers above, bordering blue sky and forest canopy and giving room to penetrating rays of sunshine. Titou is best known for its iconic scene in Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest, where Captain Jack Sparrow is seen tumbling down the gorge in a bone cage. 

A swim up Titou reveals a calm, emerald oasis, serenaded by chirping birds and rustling trees. A small waterfall greets daring swimmers and the deep pool is perfect for a cliff jump in. 

Titou Gorge is an amazing site for visitors to the island and is a must do on the way back from an intense Boiling Lake hike.


Ti Kwen Glo Cho

Dominica is a volcanic island from which manifests a myriad of wonders, from sulphur springs to ocean floor vents and boiling lakes. Ti Kwen is one of these. There are quite a few hot springs on island, but Ti Kwen is by far one of the best ways to experience the healing thermal waters of Dominica. A quaint family establishment, the hospitality at Ti Kwen makes the springs even more of a remarkable experience.

The lush gardens complement the stone pools and refreshing fruit juices from the bar are a well needed thirst-quencher after a hot soak. Ti Kwen’s Mini Zoo is also a delight for kids, making the location more than just a natural sauna, but a comprehensive nature experience.

Ti Kwen is most beautiful beneath moonlight, as the springs are enclosed in soaring cliffside and lie bare beneath the moon’s rays. At night, beneath rainfall, the hot springs are a perfect romantic get away and therapeutic experience bundled in one. Ti Kwen is a perfect way to wind down after an intense hike, as the hot and cold pools offer natural muscle therapy. This is definitely a must- do for anyone wishing to experience Dominica’s hot springs in an authentic setting.


Boiling Lake, Titou Gorge and Ti Kwen Glo Cho  

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  • 10 friends took a tour with Nahgi and Brany and we considered it to be a highlight of our 7 day cruise to 6 islands. We highly recommend this tour group and the Get Wet, Set Tour. We'll use Nahgi and Brany again when return to Dominica.

    John S

  • Really, look no further!

    I'm just going to be one more person adding on to the 5 star reviews here for the one and only Nahjie (and Nicky!), and if it's not clear to you already, please understand this is the person you need to get in touch with when you come to The Nature Island that is Dominica.

    We were fortunate enough to stay in his hand built cabin on the mountainside of Laudat, where you can escape all things city, and really live in the nature. And while we did plenty of things on our own (with his input of course), the one day we did spend with him was an absolute pleasure, leaving us wanting more! He is third generation island boy, who loves the island and her beauties, and takes great joy in sharing that with others. It's hard to stress how much your trip should have this man involved in it.

    I've traveled throughout the world quite a bit, slowly and intimately, meeting and getting to know locals and travelers alike. Nahjie is one of the special ones who will without a doubt stand out.

    My only regret is not spending more time with these guys doing ALL the things, but that requires more than just 4 or 5 days on this island. I'll definitely be back for more.

    Nick M

  • Absolute highlight of our Caribbean vacations

    My girlfriend and I traveled Dominica this June for 1 week. We did not want to rent a car and had basicly no idea how to travel, get food or find the beautiful places there. But this is non of a problem if you go with Naghie. He is a terrific, relaxed and young guide who truly lives with his wife & little son the beauty of Dominica. We spend 3 days with him hiking the boiling lake, seeing Victoria Falls and Emerald Pools and snorcheling in the champange reef! Naghie picked us up in the morning and brought us back every evening. Even sitting in the car with him is amazing. He knows a lot about the history, the nature and the secret places you definitely miss if you are on your own. Dominica's nature is just a outstanding and everything you need to escape from everyday life! We can guarantee going with Naghie will be one of the best things you can do on Dominica!

    Christian & Jana

  • We have had the privilege of visiting all but a few of the islands in the Caribbean. Last year we spent a day with our guide Nahgie at Just Go Dominica. It was beyond any doubt the best excursion we had ever done off a cruise ship. In fact it was so incredible that we booked the same exact cruise this year to be able to spend a second day on the island with Nahgie! We now consider him a friend and look forward to being with him again.

    Here are the things that made these two tours so special and that make this business among the best you will find:

    — Great Communication. From the first time I contacted Just Go Dominica, they were prompt and detailed in all their responses.

    —Reaonable Rates. We did a private excursion and have spent more on large group excursions. Very fair pricing. If you go I would encourage you to be sure to tip well! With the prices they charge and the service they give it’s the right thing to do.

    — The Island. Wow! Don’t be put off by the port itself. The hurricane a few years ago devastated the island and it’s obviously not recovered yet. But once you get away from the port you will be in paradise. The waterfalls, the jungle, the views and the diversity of things to do. Just amazing.

    — The Service. The personal touches of our tours were beyond wonderful. Our guide would stop and show us plants and spices and fruits, some of which we had never experienced before. He brought us to places like Titou Gorge and safely led us on an adventure we loved so much we repeated it with him this year. Hard to explain how amazing Titou Gorge is (where they filmed parts of Pirates of the Caribbean). Don’t miss it and if you are brave jump off the cliff to go in rather than just swim! Kayaking on a completely deserted Mountain Lake. Swimming in water falls with almost no one else there. Eating a homemade island lunch. Snorkeling at Champagne reef. Unreal. Finishing the day with an amazing dip in a very hot natural volcanic hot tub.

    We still feel like we have only scratched the surface of this island. But we will never forget it. My goal is to go back on a land-based trip and try out the scuba diving which is supposed to be legendary and do more exploration with our new friend.

    I hope others get to experience this beautiful island and the unparalleled service of Just Go Dominica!


  • Look no further, I wish I could give 10 stars

    I am really glad we booked with Nahgi and Brany the boiling lake hike.
    It is a very challenging hike, even though we are experienced hikers.
    But our tour guide Brany was really helpful, encouraging, and very knowledgable. Talked about history, geography and the flora and fauna on the way.
    When you meet Nahgi and his team you can see on them,they love what they do, they are not after your money but genuinely want to show you their beloved country and they want you to have a good time.
    I'm so happy we came across Just Go Dominica, and please don't look further, this is your company to do an adventure with.


  • My hubby and i did the boiling lake hiking trip which was recomended by our hotel host.
    Arrangements were made the day before, we were told what time we should be ready as our tour guide would come to pick us up.
    Thus is when we met our tour guide Nahjie, He was on time and our trip started it was about 30 minutes drive from our hotel to the point of trekking.
    One important highlight here is if you're not in good shape meaning health wise this trip is not for you.
    The time spent on this trip app 8 hrs we are on the older side so it took us longer, however i must commend this young man on the great job he did in taking care of us through out the entire trip.
    NAHJIE is a true professional and very dedicated in what he does not to mention very knowledgeable in what he does as a tour guide, darn his energy is like a young stallion.
    He took time to guide and inform us of areas , plants , history etc.
    We were running out of time and i was beginning to get worried but he assured me that if night step in and we are not through he would call for back up and extra lights , that at was a relief to my being..since we are 48 and 64.
    Unfortunately we did not make it directly to the end of the lake , that where the water flows i think because it was getting late and we were more concerned getting back out to starting point, so we started trekking back out ahead of the two others.
    It rained during that time so that made it even harder ,NAHJIE did explain to us though that after Hurricane maria in 20 17 the trail was ruined and nothing was done to maintain it. I must say for me is was rough trekking.
    It was an experience and a great achievement. We did it and made it through safely with the help and guidance of this wonderful fella ( NAHJIE)
    When we finally made it back to our starting point we were happy and felt a flash of relief.
    Nahjie took us to get some thing to eat and back to the hotel.
    We also had the pleasure of riding wit him back the the airport the following day.
    My take on this review altogether is ,boiling lake is a wonder of the world I recommend you to see if you plan to visit Dominica, its a one in a life time thing to do.
    Second please do not hesitate to take that opportunity to meet and allow NAHJIE to be your guide.
    You sure would have a great time and memories of a life time.Dominica

    Chandrani B

  • The Get Set Wet tour with Nahgie was a fantastic, thrilling, and unique experience! We got to enjoy local food, snorkel on pristine coral reefs, and have great conversations with Nahgie. Nahgie was welcoming, energetic, patient, and helped us make the most of our one day on Dominica! We loved meeting his dad and getting a small sense of life on this beautiful island! Highly recommend!

    Moira K

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Experience breathtaking waterfalls with three of Dominica’s most captivating waterfalls. Hike through lush forest, swim up refreshing rivers and remarkable canyons, relax in therapeutic hot springs, jump into natural pools and lounge beneath some of the island’s best  waterfalls.

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