Boeri Lake

A lake amidst mountains

Hike Dominica’s wet interior through forest reserve and find true zen amidst green mountains and Boeri’s majesic silence. 

Boeri Lake


Experience extreme zen at Dominica’s Boeri Lake. This peaceful resting lake is hugged by mountains all round and roofed by vast sky and clouds. Silence is the attraction of the Boeri Lake which makes it a favourite for yogis and zen chasers. This is the ideal place to tell secrets.

Crystal waters drip from hanging moss in this humid yet breezy forest. A forty-five minute hike up dense forest will get you there, and as you arrive out of breath, the tranquil space regulates even the most out-of-breath hiker. Boeri Lake is a peaceful, natural wonder which begs visitors to submit to the imposing silence and natural royalty of this remarkable water feature. 

What You Need

  • Comfortable hiking shoes
  • Bathing suit (optional)
  • Bath towels
  • Change of clothes
  • Rain coat

Any other personal items

We keep it local. Our solid team of guides are all Dominican and have years of experience sharing our home’s beauty with visitors. All our guides are tour guide certified by the Discover Dominica Authority and are trained in administering First Aid and CPR by the Dominica Red Cross.

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