Cabrits Fort Shirley

A journey back in time

Get a glimpse into Dominica’s chaotic colonial past among cannons and barracks, overlooking picturesque bay.

Cabrits Fort Shirley

Probably one of Dominica’s most important historical sites, Fort Shirley is a beautiful piece of colonial architecture, perfectly poised atop a hill open to the bay below.  Cabrits is famous for the revolt of the West India Regiment in 1802 which resulted in the emancipation of all slaves of the British Empire. Perched above an open bay, Fort Shirley was constructed for its important geo-political nature, serving as a defence battalion during French/British wars for ownership of the island during the colonial era.

Cabrits is indeed an historic site, which carries stories of war, strife, politics and revolt within its cobble stone walls. A visit to the fort may feel like a step back in time. As one stands next to original 18th century cannons, the scene begs visitors to delve into the past; peoples and events which moulded unique Dominica.

What You Need

  • Comfortable shoes

Any other personal items

We keep it local. Our solid team of guides are all from the community of Laudat and have years of experience guiding visitors to the lake. All our guides are tour guide certified by the Discover Dominica Authority and by the Dominica Red Cross in First Aid and CPR.

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Cabrits Fort Shirley  

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