Chaudiere Pool

A refreshing swimming hole

Chaudiere Pool

Chaudiere is a beautiful, natural pool carved out of grey rock, fed by a calmly cascading downpour from the river above. This refreshing swimming hole emanates from the Hampstead River in the picturesque community of Bense. The pool is the perfect way to escape from the surrounding heat and be embraced by nature. Thick forest hovers above and fresh river millets can be seen jumping up the tumbling waterfall. Jump in from cliffside and be caressed by calm river torrents in yet another one of Dominica’s fresh water wonders.

Physical Requirements
Waterfall Adventure

  • Fitness Level 75% 75%
  • Endurance 65% 65%

Chaudiere Pool Video

What You Need

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Bathing suit
  • Bath towels
  • Change of clothes

Any other personal items

We keep it local. Our solid team of guides are all from the community of Laudat and have years of experience guiding visitors to the lake. All our guides are tour guide certified by the Discover Dominica Authority and by the Dominica Red Cross in First Aid and CPR.

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Chaudiere Pool  

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