Coastal Cruise to Red Rock

Auburn Beaches and Sunny Coasts

Drive the sexy north coast, soak up yellow sun and swim blue oceans at a few of the island’s most pristine beaches

Coastal Cruise to            Red Rock

Drive along the scenic west coast of Dominica. Soak up yellow sun and swim blue oceans at a few of the island’s most pristine beaches. Take a walk back in time at Cabrits- an historic fort, once the centre of 17th century trade and dispute. Drive the north coast and experience breathtaking shoreline views. Visit the uniquely cold sulphur vents at Cold Soufrière, drive winding roads along cliff side and end the day in awe at Red Rock- a unique, auburn beach.



6 – 10 Hours

Challenge level


Coastal Cruise to Red Rock

Physical Requirements
Coastal Cruise to Red Rocks

  • Fitness Level 20% 20%
  • Endurance 20% 20%




Pick up from Roseau at 8:30 am. (Or from your hotel on request) 



Drive the scenic west coast through villages and sunny shores to Mero Beach. Stroll along warm beach or jump in for a swim/snorkel. 



Enjoy a winding coastal drive to the north for a visit to Cabrits, Fort Shirley- an historic fort and remarkable bay. Walk through the barracks and quarters and get a glimpse into Dominica’s chaotic colonial past. 


Thibaud Bat Cave

Drive along the sexy northern coast thorugh villages and over cliffsides to Thibaud and explore the Thibaud Bat Cave. 


Cold Soufriere

Experience the unique terrain of Cold Soufriere. A cold sulphur deposit, carved from the forest.


Red Rock

Cruise the picturesque north-east coast to Red Rock. This auburn beach boasts elegant red rock cliffsides which hug the cozy bay and almost glow from the sun’s light. Kick off your shoes and wind down at a rustic beach bar to red, setting sun. 


Drop Off

Drop off at Roseau. (Or at your hotel on request)

What You Need

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • Bath towel
  • Change of clothes

Any other personal items

We keep it local. Our solid team of guides are all Dominican and have years of experience sharing our home’s beauty with visitors. All our guides are tour guide certified by the Discover Dominica Authority and are trained in administering First Aid and CPR by the Dominica Red Cross.  

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Mero Beach

A long stretch of sand and vibrant beach life mark the ambiance of Mero Beach. Located just about twenty minutes from Dominica’s capital, Mero is a favourite for locals and visitors alike. Calm waters make this beach ideal for a swim or snorkel and the long stretch of sand is perfect for soaking in some warm Caribbean sun. Beach bars and stalls dot the shoreline, and on a busy day there is an endless flutter of live music, fresh sea food, and liquor concoctions. 

Mero is a spectacular location for anyone looking to bask in rays of sun and simply have a good old Caribbean lime on the beach.

Cabrits, Fort Shirley

Probably one of Dominica’s most important historical sites, Fort Shirley is famous for the revolt of the West India Regiment in 1802 which resulted in the freedom of all British slaves. Perched above an open bay, Fort Shirley was constructed for its important geo-political nature, serving as a defence battalion during French/British wars for ownership of the island during the colonial era.

Since then, the fort has undergone various restoration works and holds the histories of a tumultuous past within its barracks and cannons. Today, Fort Shirley is a beautiful piece of colonial architecture, perfectly poised atop a hill open to the bay below.

A visit to the fort may feel like a step back in time. As one stands next to original 18th century cannons, the scene begs visitors to delve into the wars, peoples and events which moulded the French Creole culture of Dominica.

Cold Soufriere

Bubbling from a volcanic crater within Morne Aux Diables is the Cold Soufriere. While Dominica is known for its hot springs and boiling lakes which spurt hot sulphur water from below ground, Cold Soufriere is a unique volcanic manifestation. The water here is not hot, but cold, though the same features as other hot springs are evident.

Sulphuric gas fills the air and the rock formation is marked by eerie grey, white and clay, porous stone. Acidic, healing water seeps up from the ground almost eerily trickling down into small streams and hissing at times of drought. Interesting animals populate the pools in larval stage and are quite a site for the curious traveller.

A short eight minute walk through open farm lands will get you there and Dominica’s Cold Soufriere is definitely a must-see for anyone interested in observing unique earth forms.

Red Rock

Shaped by ocean and rugged Caribbean weather is the unique formation of reddish, clay earth known as Red Rock. This uncommon rock formation lies on the north eastern coast in Calibishie,  and is indeed visually orgasmic. During sunrise and set, the rocks seem to glow beneath the sun’s rays, as white waves tumble violently along their edge. At dusk, the sun descends behind the mountains, shedding a soft backlight behind the cliffs, which blaze red beneath its glow.

Not only are the rocks a site to behold, but Red Rock is a great place for exploration. Short rocky trails lead to hidden rock formations, a cozy cave and an intimate white sand beach. Red Rock is just another of the many unique, natural phenomena that define the magic that is Dominica and is a must-see for anyone wishing to explore the northern end of the island.

Northern Explorer

Challenge Level Easy

Duration 6-8 hours

Trafalgar Falls

Challenge Level Easy

Duration 1-2 hours

Cabrit’s Fort Shirley

Challenge Level Easy

Duration 1-2 hours

Victoria Falls Excursion

Challenge Level Moderate

Duration 6-8 hours

Day Tour

Waterfall Adventure

Experience breathtaking waterfalls with three of Dominica’s most captivating cascades. Hike  lush forests, swim clear rivers and  relax in therapeutic hot springs, jump into natural pools and lounge beneath towering falls. Come explore some of the island’s most epic waterfalls with us!

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