Freshwater Lake

A mountain top caldera's lake

Find zen at a sombre lake in the chilly mountain tops of Laudat. Kayak the still waters past tiny islands and into secluded coves. Hike around the lake and enjoy 360 degree views of all four coasts. Enjoy local cuisine, chill with wildlife, and experience true bliss at this mountain top treasure.

Freshwater Lake

The largest of Dominica’s four lakes, Freshwater Lake is perched just over 2500 feet above sea level, in the tranquil community of Laudat. The lake is a vast, calm settlement of emerald water, hugged by mountain and sky and inhabited by a myriad of freshwater critters. A visit to Fresh Water Lake may have you feeling like you’ve left the Caribbean. As you ascend up steep hills into the mountains, the air gets lighter and colder. The lake has a chilly ambience, is misty and often times unbearably cold at night for locals.

It is the perfect place for a snuggle at night and of course for adventure at day. One can enjoy a relaxing kayak across the lake or a soothing row boat ride. As boats float silently above, nature’s sounds echo across the expanse; birds and butterflies flutter by the islands which dot the water.

In the surrounding mountains is a loop trail which brings hikers around the lake from above. Spectacular 360 degree views await any hiker and the lush forest is a haven for nature lovers.

A twenty-five minute drive from Roseau will get you there, and the extreme tranquility and ambiance of the lake will definitely keep you. Dominica’s Freshwater Lake is another must-do for anyone on a Dominica vacation.

What You Need

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • Something warm (for colder days)
  • Raincoat
  • Change of clothes

Any other personal items

We keep it local. Our solid team of guides are all Dominican and have years of experience sharing our home’s beauty with visitors. All our guides are tour guide certified by the Discover Dominica Authority and are trained in administering First Aid and CPR by the Dominica Red Cross.

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Freshwater Lake  

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