Get Set, Wet!

Get Set, Wet!

Get wet! Explore Champagne’s vibrant coral reef, renowned for sulphur vents which spurt bubbling hot water from the ocean floor. Swim up the emerald waters of Titou Gorge to a secret waterfall. Kayak the Fresh Water Lake and taste impeccable local cuisine from the Laudat community. End off with a hike over boulders to Trafalgar’s Mother & Father Falls.



6 – 8 Hours

Challenge level


Get Set, Wet!

Physical Requirements

Get Set Wet!

  • Fitness Level 75% 75%
  • Endurance 65% 65%




Pick up from Roseau at 8:30 am. (Or from your hotel on request)



Enjoy a quick coastal drive down south to Champagne Reef. Snorkel the vibrant reef, marked by underwater heat vents, coral and an abundance of marine life.



Cruise up the mountains to Laudat on a twenty-five minute drive. Take a refreshing swim up Titou Gorge’s emerald canyon, to a secret waterfall. 



Enjoy a scenic drive up to the Fresh Water Lake to the highest point on island. See remarkable mountain-top views along the way.

Kayak the Fresh Water Lake and sample Créole food from Caldera’s Kitchen, a community tourism initiative. 


Explore a Waterfall

Take a short fifteen minute drive back down to Trafalgar. Enjoy a short forest walk to Trafalgar Falls; twin waterfalls. Boulder up the river to the majestic falls, or look out from open platform. Lounge in the hot springs and cold pools at the base. 


Drop Off

Drop off at Roseau. (Or at your hotel on request)

What You Need

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • Bath towels
  • Change of clothes

Any necessary personal items

Snorkelling equipment provided for groups less than 6

We keep it local. Our solid team of guides are all from the community of Laudat and have years of experience guiding visitors to the lake. All our guides are tour guide certified by the Discover Dominica Authority and by the Dominica Red Cross in First Aid and CPR.

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Background Info  

Titou Gorge

Translated to “little hole”, Titou Gorge is an enchanting swimming hole, nestled in the beautiful, mountain-top community of Laudat. The gorge is known for its refreshing emerald water, which flows calmly down Titou’s canyon from the mountain heights. Rock towers above, bordering blue sky and forest canopy and giving room for penetrating rays of sunshine. Titou is best known for its iconic scene in Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest, where Captain Jack Sparrow is seen tumbling down the gorge in a vine cage.

A swim up Titou reveals a clam, emerald oasis, serenaded by chirping birds and rustling trees. A small waterfall greets daring swimmers and the deep pool is perfect for a cliff jump in.

Titou Gorge is an amazing site for visitors to the island and is a must do on the way back from an intense Boiling Lake Hike.

Champagne Reef

Champagne Reef, located on the sunny south-western coast of the island, is a vibrant ocean habitat with a unique twist. The reef gets its name from the champagne-like bubbles which spurt form the ocean floor. Volcanic activity in Dominica’s south is the pre-cursoe for this sea-bed activity.

Champagne offers a visual combustion of marine life, and volcanic ocean activity to divers and snorkelers alike. A short drive along the coast and, romantic walk along stony beachside will get you there. Champagne is a must for anyone who loves the other-worldly terrain that is the ocean.

Trafalgar Falls

Dominica is known for its numerous cascading waterfalls, all unique and magnificent i their own right but Trafalgar Falls is indeed remarkable. The only twin waterfall on the island, these majestic beauties cascade side by side into pristine pools beneath.

Affectionately named the Mother and Father Falls, Trafalgar’s twin falls complement each other beautifully and give birth to numerous water basins and streams at their base.

Trafalgar is also known for the unique sulphur springs which trickle and pool warm water alongside cold, making the perfect, natural therapeutic bath.

Trafalgar Falls is another must see for visitors to the island, and it is worth experiences the magical warm and cold water that define the uniqueness of this natural wonder.

Freshwater Lake

The largest of Dominica’s four lakes, Freshwater Lake is perched just over 2500 feet above sea level, in the tranquil community of Laudat. The lake is a vast, calm settlement of emerald water, hugged by mountain and sky and inhabited by a myriad of freshwater critters. A visit to Fresh Water Lake may have you feeling like you’ve left the Caribbean. As you ascend up steep hills into the mountains, the air gets lighter and colder. The lake has a chilly ambience, is misty and often times unbearably cold at night for locals.

It is the perfect place for a snuggle at night and of course for adventure at day. One can enjoy a relaxing kayak across the lake or a soothing row boat ride. While the boats float silently above, nature’s sounds echo across the expanse as birds and butterflies flutter by the islands which dot the water.

In the surrounding mountains is a loop trail which brings hikers around the lake from above. Spectacular 360 degree views await any hiker and the lush forest is a haven for nature lovers.

A 10 minute drive from Laudat wil get you there, and the extreme tranquility and ambiance of the lake will definitely keep you. Dominica’s Freshwater Lake is another must-do for anyone on a Dominica vacation.

Champagne Reef

Challenge Level Easy

Duration 1-2 hours

Titou Gorge

Challenge Level Easy

Duration 1-2 hours

Boeri Lake

Challenge Level Easy

Duration 2-3 hours

Chaudiere Pool

Challenge Level Easy

Duration 2-3 hours

top site

Scott’s Head

Visit a vibrant coastal village, known for its excellent dive sites, protected marine reserves, and unique peninsula. Enjoy 360 degree views of both Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean as they collide at Scott’s Head. Swim, snorkel or dive beautiful reefs beneath turquoise waves and soak in shoreline mineral springs. Come with us on a lime on Dominica’s south coast. 

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