Hike lush forest in Dominica's mountain peaks



Hike lush forest in Dominica’s mountain peaks. Be engulfed by mountain to shoreline views, swim through pristine rivers and lakes, lounge beneath a waterfall and drive through the clouds on a full day of island trekking. 

Join us on a hiker’s adventure through Dominica. Hike the thick interior to Middleham Falls for a refreshing swim beneath the cascade’s spray. Visit a zen lake engulfed in thick forest in Laudat’s chilly mountains. Enjoy a loop trail hike around Fresh Water Lake, the highest point on island for splendid views of the entire island, from mountain peeks to shoreline. Come, embark on a hiker’s adventure through the Nature Island. 






6 – 10 Hours

Challenge level



Physical Requirements

  • Fitness Level 45% 45%
  • Endurance 45% 45%




Pick up from Roseau at 8:30 am. (Or from your hotel on request) 



Quick twenty minute drive up the Roseau Valley. Embark on a two hour round trip hike through dense forest to Middleham Falls. Take a refreshing swim beneath the water’s spray and be awed by one of Dominica’s most majestic water features. 


Hike Some More

Enjoy a short ten minute drive to the highest point on island. Hike the moist, elfin forest to Boeri Lake, a super zen and cozy lake hidden in Dominica’s mountain peeks. 


Bird's Eye Views

Enjoy a loop trail hike around the Fresh Water Lake. Be amazed by 360 degree views of Dominica’s entire coast from mountain top. Look over the lake and end off the day with a fun kayak through its mini islands. 



Pick wild herbs for your own pot of tea. Enjoy creole cuisine form Caldera’s Kitchen – a community tourism project. 


Drop Off

Drop off at Roseau. (Or at your hotel on request) 

What You Need

  • Hiking shoes/sneakers
  • Swimsuit
  • Bath towels
  • Rain coat
  • Dry clothes

Any other personal items

We keep it local. Our solid team of guides are all from the community of Laudat and have years of experience guiding visitors to the lake. All our guides are tour guide certified by the Discover Dominica Authority and by the Dominica Red Cross in First Aid and CPR.

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Middleham Falls 

Cascading from the chilly mountain tops of Laudat is the Middleham Falls- a 200 foot, lofty down rush of clear water. Middleham is a picturesque water feature, seemingly descending from the heavens. This tumbling falls is chaotic. Foamy water squeezes its way from towering mountain and pools violently between boulders and caves below. Middleham is a truly beautiful experience for any waterfall explorer. A somewhat challenging, uphill trek through thick, moist, forest over peeking streams and obtrusive roots will get you there. 

Middleham is a great place to submerse in Dominica’s pristine, chilly waters and join the rhythms of rapids. A daring jump over cliffside is probably the best way to experience the pool. Boasting remarkable views and ominous nature, Middleham Falls is a must-see for travellers seeking a comprehensive forest experience- hiking, swimming, cliff-jumping and off course submitting to nature beneath the roar of an elegantly imposing waterfall. 

Cladera’s Kitchen and Kayak 

Caldera’s is a community based initiative offering creole cuisine for the foreign palate. Enjoy hot tea amidst the mountans’ mist, sample impeccable local cuisine and kayak the calm lake on a slow-paced adventure of the Freshwater Lake. 

Freshwater Lake

The largest of Dominica’s four lakes, Freshwater Lake is perched just over 2500 feet above sea level, in the tranquil community of Laudat. The lake is a vast, calm settlement of emerald water, hugged by mountain and sky and inhabited by a myriad of freshwater critters. A visit to Fresh Water Lake may have you feeling like you’ve left the Caribbean. As you ascend up steep hills into the mountains, the air gets lighter and colder. The lake has a chilly ambience, is misty and often times unbearably cold at night for locals.

It is the perfect place for a snuggle at night and of course for adventure at day. One can enjoy a relaxing kayak across the lake or a soothing row boat ride. As boats float silently above, nature’s sounds echo across the expanse and birds and butterflies flutter by the islands which dot the water.

In the surrounding mountains is a loop trail which brings hikers around the lake from above. Spectacular 360 degree views await any hiker and the lush forest is a haven for nature lovers.

A ten minute drive from Laudat will get you there, and the extreme tranquility and ambiance of the lake will definitely keep you. Dominica’s Freshwater Lake is another must-do for anyone on a Dominica vacation.

Boeri Lake

Experience extreme zen at Dominica’s Boeri Lake. This peaceful, resting lake is hugged by mountains all round and roofed by vast sky and clouds. Silence is the attraction of the Boeri Lake which makes it a favourite for yogis and zen chasers. Village legend has it that this is the ideal place to talk to your God.

Crystal waters drip from hanging moss, beneath the humid forest and every breath taken is filled with fresh mountain top air. A forty-five minute hike up dense forest will get you there, and as you arrive out of breath, the tranquil space regulates even the most out-of-breath hiker. Boeri Lake is a peaceful, natural wonder which begs visitors to submit to the imposing silence and zen of another one of Dominica’s beauties.  

Boiling Lake Experience


Challenge Level Challenging

Duration 6-10 hours

Trafalgar Falls + Scott’s Head

Challenge Level Easy

Duration 1-2 hours

Emerald Pool

Challenge Level Easy

Duration 1-2 hours

Victoria Falls

Challenge Level Moderate

Duration 3-4 hours

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