Victoria Falls Excursion

Experience calcium rich, white water at the infamous Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Excursion


Experience calcium, rich, white water at the infamous Victoria Falls. Drive the lush, mossy interior of the island, visit the cosy Emerald Pool for a quick dip, walk a black sand beach, and taste fresh food from Mother Nature at the Farm-acy- a roadside stall stocked by a small scale farm. Fuel up with Ital (Caribbean vegetarian) food from a Rasta man. 



6 -8 hours

Challenge level


Victoria Falls Excursion

Physical Requirements
Victoria Falls

  • Fitness Level 30% 30%
  • Endurance 30% 30%




Pick up from Roseau at 8:30 am. 
(Or from your hotel on request) 



Enjoy a ten minute, coastal drive to Champagne Reef and snorkel the vibrant, volcanic seabed.


Fuel Up

Dig into fresh fruit, vegetables and local snacks from the Farm-acy. A small scale farm. 


Emerald Pool

Drive Dominica’s wet interior to the Emerald Pool. Take a swim in a cozy natural pool beneath forest canopy.


Black Sand Beach

Drive the east coast and dig your toes into black sand at Boute Sab, a nesting ground for Leatherback and Hawksbill turtles. 


Victoria Falls

Climb huge boulders up stream the White River to Victoria Falls.  Swim beneath the torrents of a 253 ft waterfall.


Fuel Up

Sample a Dominican ‘One Pot’ from Moses, an elder Rasta Man and organic farmer.


Drop Off

Drop off at Roseau.
(Or at your hotel on request)

What You Need

  • Hiking shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • Bath towels
  • Change of clothes
  • Any other personal items

Snorkeling gear is provided for groups less than 6

We keep it local. Our solid team of guides are all Dominican and have years of experience sharing our home’s beauty with visitors. All our guides are tour guide certified by the Discover Dominica Authority and are trained in adminstering First Aid and CPR by the Dominica Red Cross. 

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Emerald Pool 

Nestled in the heart of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park is Dominica’s Emerald Pool- a cozy oasis of emerald water puddled beneath the calm cascade of an intimate waterfall. 

Emerald Pool is a rather popular site for both locals and visitors for many reasons but maybe the most apparent is it’s rumoured legend as a fountain of youth. It is said that a swim in this enchanting water adds ten years to the explorer’s life. Maybe just another island legend, but a dip in Emerald Pool is definitely a must for any visitor. 

Thick forest canopy hovers above, reflecting rays of warm sun and casting a magical, emerald hue unto the water’s surface. Dancing treetops enclose the pool as vines and clear waters trickle down the waterfall’s backdrop. 

Dominica’s Emerald Pool is indeed visually orgasmic. Filmmakers and photographers have taken advantage of it’s beauty for years, using it as a backdrop for the most spectacular photographs. It is also a favourite for destination weddings.

A short, ten minute trek through lush forest will get you there and a Dominica vacation would be incomplete without a visit to this enchanting wonder. 

Victoria Falls

Stemming from the Breakfast River in the heights of Morne Nichols is Victoria Falls – a towering cascade of calcium-rich water, which trickles from the Boiling Lake’s Valley of Desolation. On a clear day, the river is turquoise in some places and murky white in others. For this reason, Victoria is nick-named White River Falls.

A daring trek over large boulders and through river torrents will bring travellers to this awe-filled beauty. The large pool of turquoise water at the base is an excellent space for a dip, while the cool spray of the violent falls pierces the air. Victoria Falls is a perfect place to discover another one of Dominica’s unique and zen-inspiring attractions. 

Boute Sabe Beach

Boute Sabe is a cozy, black sand beach on Dominica’s east coast. This coastal beauty is a nesting ground for Leatherback and Hawksbill turtles, who come by to lay their eggs every year. 

Champagne Reef

Located on the sunny south-west coast, Champagne is a vibrant ocean habitat with a unique twist. The reef gets its name from the champagne-like bubbles which spurt up from the ocean floor. Volcanic activity in Dominica’s south is the cause of  this. Champagne offers a visual treat of marine life and cool geology for divers and snorkelers alike. A short drive from Roseau and quick walk along the beach will get you there and Champagne is a must for anyone who loves the other-worldly terrain that is the ocean. 

Boiling Lake

Challenge Level Challenging

Duration 6-10 hours

Middleham Falls

Challenge Level Moderate

Duration 2-3 hours

Family Packages


Challenge Level Moderate

Duration 6-8 hours

Day Tour

Get Set, Wet!

Get wet! Explore Champagne’s vibrant coral reef renowned for sulphur vents which spurt bubbling hot water from the ocean floor. Swim up the emerald waters of Titou Gorge to a secret waterfall. Kayak the Freshwater Lake and taste impeccable, local cuisine from the Laudat community. Hike over boulders to trafalgar’s twin waterfalls, and wind down submerged in therapeutic sulphur springs. Come explore some of Dominica’s most rewarding water experiences with us!

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