Trafalgar Falls and Scott’s Head

Trafalgar Falls + Scott's Head

Twin waterfalls and vibrant reef

Trafalgar Falls and Scott’s Head

Hike to Trafalgar Falls, one of Dominica’s most popular waterfalls. Enjoy creole lunch overlooking flowing river and towering mountains. Snorkle a vibrant reef and overlook both Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean on the Scott’s Head peninsula.



6-8 hours

Challenge level


Trafalgar Falls and Scott’s Head

Physical Requirements
Trafalgar Falls and Scott’s Head

  • Fitness Level 75% 75%
  • Endurance 65% 65%




Pick up from Roseau. (Or from your hotel on request)


Waterfall Adventure

Drive up cool mountains to Trafalgar. Take a short forest hike to a magnificent twin waterfall. Boulder through flowing river to the fall’s base and swim a refreshing pool amidst the cool spray of a tumbling cascade. Lounge in neighbouring hot and cold pools. Be awed by the towering twin falls. 



Fuel up with island cuisine, overlooking rushing river and vast mountain range at River Rock Café.


Coastal Cruise

Cruise the sunny south coast. Take a quick walk up to Scott’s head and step back in time. Look over the bay, poised between Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. 


Swim or Snorkel

Swim the turquoise bay, in calm waters. Snorkel a vibrant reef and bask with the many creatures which call it home. 


Drop Off

Drop off at Roseau (Or at your hotel on request)

What You Need

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • Bath towels
  • Change of clothes

Any other personal items

Snorkelling equipment provided for groups less than 6 

We keep it local. Our solid team of guides are all from the community of Laudat and have years of experience guiding visitors to the lake. All our guides are tour guide certified by the Discover Dominica Authority and by the Dominica Red Cross in First Aid and CPR.

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Dominica is known for its numerous cascading waterfalls, all unique and magnificent in their own right but Trafalgar Falls is indeed remarkable. The only twin waterfall on the island, these majestic beauties cascade side by side into pristine pools beneath.

Affectionately named the Mother and Father Falls, Trafalgar’s twin falls complement each other beautifully and give birth to numerous water basins and streams at their base.

Trafalgar is also known for its unique sulphur springs which trickle and pool warm water alongside cold, making the perfect, natural therapeutic bath.

Trafalgar Falls is another must see for visitors to the island, and it is worth experiencing the magical warm and cold water that define the uniqueness of this natural wonder.

Scott’s Head is a vibrant coastal village, known for its excellent dive sites, protected marine reserves and unique peninsula. More a toe at the southernmost tip of Dominica, Scott’s Head was named after Colonel George Scott who is deemed responsible for capturing the island from the French in 1761 and who also served as Lieutenant Governor during that period.

Today, remnants of canons and slave trails faintly hint to the sites chaotic geopolitical past as visitors enjoy the fantastic views of Soufrère Bay below.

The peninsula is uniquely positioned between Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean and is a rather remarkable site. A tiny strip of sand and stone mediates ferocious Atlantic Ocean waves to the east and calm, turquoise Caribbean Sea to the west. The lookout point above, on a clear day, offers perfect views of Martinique in the distance and the steep 2000 foot cliff drop off which progresses from Caribbean blue sea into dark abyss.

Soufrière Bay below is a bustling marine eco-system and is one of the top dive sites on island. The bay is populated by a myriad of underwater creatures including sperm whales which cruise our shores year round. If you are lucky, you can see them from shore just about 50 feet away.

For this reason the Soufrière Scott’s Head Marine Reserve (SSMR) was established in 199? to preserve the ocean for the many life forms which call it home. Wether you hike the peninsula and be awed by panoramic coastal and mountain views, swim with whales in the marine reserve, or swim through bubbling sulphur vents on the shoreline, Scott’s head is definitely a place to visit on your visit to Dominica.

Trafalgar Falls and Scott's Head  

Get Set, Wet!

Challenge Level Moderate

Duration 6-8 hours

Couple’s Package


Challenge Level Moderate

Duration 6-8 hours

Northern Explorer

Challenge Level Easy

Duration 6-8 hours

Day Tour

Coastal Cruise to Red Rock 

Cruise along the sexy northern coast line, through winding island roads, over lunging cliffside, beneath bright skies. Stop at villages along the way and sample something local. Swim some of the islands most beautiful, remote  beaches and experience an auburn beach sunset. Join us for a chill island drive through Dominica’s rugged coast.  

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